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It’s time to innovate.

One of the biggest leap frog that we made as a society was because of the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. That innovation allowed us to share knowledge widely and faster and lead to a recursive cycle of spurring even more innovation.

Another similarly impactful innovation has been developed in these past few years. It is the ability of AI technology to generate text, images, videos and more importantly even code.

Just like the printing press allowed us to share knowledge rapidly, these new AI technologies will enable us to create new things including software and hardware, more rapidly. This will initiate another recursive cycle of innovation across domains.

So, indeed it is now time to innovate.

Those who will innovate more will also get the most benefit from the progress that is going to be made in the next few decades, on the back of these new AI technologies. It is also going to be disruptive for many, as rapid progress also creates imbalances.

Our mission is to help innovators from anywhere, be successful.

To fulfil this mission, we are building an innovation stack to support the innovation process. This stack will help you easily build powerful solutions, share it with the world and drive growth with the help of your community of users.

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